A little history

About VINCI Facilities

The history of Cegelec Building Services


Cegelec Building Services joins the VINCI Facilities group .This allows the group to meet the needs of its customers.


Cegelec joins VINCI Energies within the VINCI Group


Cegelec takes over ABB Building Systems (HVAC, electrical and technical maintenance). ABB is integrated into the Cegelec group.


Fläkt joins the Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) group. “Fläkt” uses this new international dimension to expand it’s markets.


The Belgian company, “Ventilators SF” officially becomes “Fläkt”. “Fläkt” is the name that will be used worldwide.


Fläkt attaches great importance to customer service. In 1974 a new division “Fläkt-Service” is established with emphasis on after-sales service.


Nils-Hendrik Ahméen found a Belgian company, “Ventilators SF”, a subsidiary of “Svenska Fläktfabriken” located at Opwijk in Brabant.


Three Swedish engineers decided to establish “Fläktfabriken Svenska” (Swedish producent of ventilators).

The history of Faceo Belgium


Official launch of VINCI Facilities Belgium (Faceo Belgium + Cegelec Building Services).


Official launch of VINCI Facilities.


Aquisition by VINCI Group.


Integration into the Faceo Group (Cegelec/Thales) en changed name to Faceo Belgium Plc.


Underwent a name change to Alstom Facility Management.


Cegelec Facility Management became independent of the facility services department of Alcatel in 1998, as a result of the global trend to seperate, both “primary” and “secondary” processes. It is presciesly this trend that ensured the creation of Faceo Belgium and moreover this is the market that defines it: the delivery of total support services for businesses.

The development of Technical Maintenance in the offer of VINCI Energies


Within VINCI, GTIE, which brings together the company’s skills in energy, heating, electricity and telecommunications, takes on the name of VINCI Energies.


Energilec, a technical maintenance and services company, joins VINCI Construction France. In Germany, VINCI Energies acquires Nickel GmbH.


SGE becomes part of VINCI.


Opteor becomes the brand for VINCI Energies’ technical maintenance activities in the service and manufacturing sectors and will be the vehicle for all the company’s offers in this area.


CGEE Alstom assumes the name of Cegelec following GEC (General Electric Company) taking a stake in its capital and the transfer of its industrial control activities.

VINCI Energies
200 years of expertise


CGEE, the ancestor of Cegelec, was created by SGE, which needed a company that could install its products and set up the networks, lines, gates and power stations needed for the electrification of France.


Creation of SGE, which would subsequently become VINCI.

Maison Jean et Chabrié, the oldest company that would become VINCI Energies, wins the (candle) lighting and (wood) heating contract for the Palais Bourbon in Paris.