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Our people work alongside your teams day to day, ensuring that your technical installations work as seamlessly as you need them to

We know that excellence and speed of reaction are hallmarks of your industry, so we deliver our services with the attitude and flexibility needed to optimise the guest and visitor numbers at your establishments.

Comprehensive expertise to ensure the comfort of your guests and clients

  • Maintenance and operation

    Maintenance and operation

    • Centralised building management
    • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
    • Electricity: HV and LV installations
    • Refrigeration units
    • Passenger lifts and lifting equipment
    • Automatic doors
  • Maintaining quality of the guest experience

    Maintaining quality of the guest experience

    • Meeting criteria for acoustic behaviour, temperature and air circulation
    • Water treatment (pools, spa)
    • Washroom plumbing
    • Cleaning, caretaking, green spaces
    • Residential conciergerie
  • Asset modernisation and refits

    Asset modernisation and refits

    • Works in occupied sites
    • Heavy maintenance, refits, rehabilitation and upgrades
    • Multi-year investment plans
  • Energy efficiency optimisation

    Energy efficiency optimisation

    • Energy use monitoring
    • Energy efficiency audits
    • Assistance with getting environmental labels
  • Safety and security management

    Safety and security management

    • Video surveillance, anti-intrusion alarm
    • Fire detection and protection system
    • Car park access control
    • Access for people with a disability
    • Regulatory inspections and statement
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Our experience ensures the reception of an expert and responsive maintenance services delivered at levels that match your guests’ expectations

  • Service-led culture: teams trained to work at prestige establishments, with discretion and an appropriate attitude
  • Availability and responsiveness 24/7 thanks to fast decision-making and small, locally-based teams
  • Additional expertise: MQHSE (Methods, Quality, Health, Safety and security, Environment); technical management for events

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