Our values

The values of VINCI Facilities

Values and principles at VINCI Facilities

As part of the VINCI Energies group, VINCI Facilities stands for solidarity, trust, empowerment, responsibility and entrepreneurship. These deeply embedded values feed into our service-led culture and management model. Our aim is to satisfy customers while respecting the group’s social and environmental commitment.

Our five values

  • Empowerment


    We value talent and initiative and give everyone the freedom they deserve. This applies as much to our people as to our business units. Every BU designs its own project for growth and enjoys the autonomy to deliver it while respecting the overall group culture. This empowerment strengthens speed of action and creativity, working always at the level closest to customers.

  • Responsibility


    Our success lies in making all our people responsible and accountable, no matter their level in the organisation. Everyone is accountable to their colleagues, projects, customers and business unit.

  • Entrepreneurship


    We celebrate the ability of everybody to take initiatives, calculate risks, dream of success and reach it. This is the mindset that enables us to deliver innovations.

  • Trust


    We choose to work in a spirit of trust. Trust is given, earned and rewarded, enabling us all to work together safe in the knowledge that we can rely on each other.

  • Solidarity


    Solidarity is far more than just a principle. It closely underpins our networked working model, sharing knowledge, activities and resources across the group and helping us to improve our collective efficiency and responsiveness. This spirit of solidarity also drives our staff’s engagement with civil society actions. In particular they work through the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité to support bodies that help disadvantaged people return to work.

Teams that embody our service-led culture

Specialist skills, service-led culture, and safety are VINCI Facilities’ three pillars of professionalism. Our people are driven by a service-led culture in each of their tasks and interactions with customers and building occupants. They encourage discussion, listen carefully, understand needs and expectations, explain the actions carried out and leave a positive impression.

Our people’s safety is paramount at all times



Our commitment to safety in the workplace is supported by management at all levels. We closely monitor our business units’ safety records and provide safety awareness training programmes to all our people.

It is essential for us all to work together in this approach so that thinking about safety becomes second nature. Watching out for at-risk behaviour can further drive down the frequency and severity of workplace accidents.

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