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Museums, libraries, art galleries, foundations, public and private institutions of all types

We work with you day to day to ensure that your venue is comfortable and safe.

Art venues of all types face stiff competition, heightening the importance of protecting your identity and security without harming your budget.

Comprehensive expertise for your cultural assets and activities

  • Maintenance and protection

    Maintenance and protection

    • Technical building management
    • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
    • Electricity: HV and LV installations
    • Hygrometry and temperature control
    • Annual investment plans
  • Energy performance and operating cost optimisation

    Energy performance and operating cost optimisation

    • Consumption monitoring
    • Control of operational costs
    • Energy efficiency
  • Safety and security

    Safety and security

    • Guarding art works
    • Video surveillance
    • Fire safety
    • Mandatory regulations for buildings open to the public
    • Support for safety commission and help with crisis management
  • Visitor reception and well-being

    Visitor reception and well-being

    • Management of services
    • Visitor headcounts
    • Reception
    • Cleaning
    • Caretaking
    • Green spaces
  • Support for you exhibitions and special events

    Support for you exhibitions and special events

    • Electrical connections
    • Sound and lighting control
    • Flexible organisation (additional resources and technical staff presence)
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Our maintenance services deliver performance, transparency and peace of mind

We put all our experience into supporting your activities:

  • Specialised expertise
  • Availability and responsiveness
  • Prioritisation of safety and risk management
  • Flexible organisation to suit your events

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Your business and your occupants are our core focus