Comprehensive expertise for your installations

  • Service continuity for your process

    Service continuity for your process

    • Steam
    • Iced water
    • Refrigeration
    • Vacuum networks
    • Compressed air
    • Demineralised water
  • Regulatory monitoring and compliance

    Regulatory monitoring and compliance

    • Effluent treatment
    • Monitoring of installations requiring environmental protection certification (boilers, refrigeration, etc.)
    • AAALAC
    • GMP/GLP
    • Regulatory watch
  • Safety for your people and assets

    Safety for your people and assets

    • Security and video surveillance
    • Access control
    • Fire safety
  • Occupant comfort

    Occupant comfort

    • HVAC
    • Plumbing
    • Electricity
    • General maintenance
  • Energy performance

    Energy performance

    • Consumption monitoring
    • Energy procurement
    • ISO 50001
    • Energy performance contract
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Our experience ensures you to receive expert maintenance services delivered by a robust methodological framework


  • Technical expertise with sensitive sites and controlled environments
  • Trained and certified teams: chemical, biological, radiation and steam risks, GLP


  • Time-tested handover process: our dedicated teams use FEMCA, RCM, 5S and Operational Excellence techniques
  • Specific procedures with optimised maintenance plans
  • Processes aligned to your HSE policies
  • Quality control and setting up indicators
  • Certifications


  • Partnership vision with a strategy focused on the long term
  • Optimised maintenance costs, energy use and capital investment
  • Commitment to continuous innovation

Our vision of Facility Management

A comprehensive understanding of your current and future needs to work beside you for the long term, helping to build your performance